Liquidation in Tehran: General Salami vows to “revenge the Zionists”

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 Liquidation in Tehran: General Salami vows to

Iranian Major General Hossein Salami blamed Israel for the liquidation of an IRGC colonel last week and vowed to “take revenge on the Zionists.”

Haruts Sheva reports.

Salami, commander-in-chief of the IRGC, met with the family of Colonel Hassan Sayyad Khodayari, who was shot in Tehran. During the meeting, Salami expressed his condolences and promised to take revenge on those responsible for the death of Khodayari.

“If God willing, we will take revenge on our enemies. high status because they were tortured by the worst people,” said the head of the IRGC.

Hossein Salami also said that Israel and the US conspired to carry out the assassination and that Khodayari had been a target for years.

“The enemy pursued him from the heart of the White House and Tel Aviv for months and years, house after house and alley after alley, to at some point make him a martyr,” said the Iranian general.

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