Linoy Ashram: “I never dreamed of winning gold”

Lina Ashram:

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Israeli gymnast Linoy Ashram gave an interview to JTA, in which she commented on her victory at the Tokyo Olympics.

& quot; I never dreamed of winning gold … I never expected to be able to do this, and hoped for a bronze medal, “said Linoy Ashram.

The athlete noted:” It is true that athletes from Eastern Europe predominate in this sport. They are the best. When I was little, I couldn't even imagine that it was possible to reach their level. But as I competed, I realized that it doesn't really matter where you are from, you can still win thanks to who you are. ”

Lina Ashram was the discovery of these Olympic Games, but before that she won many victories in European tournaments and became a real Israeli sports icon.

“I am very proud of my country and the fact that I represent it in the best possible way,” Ashram emphasized. < br />
Lina Ashram's victory was on the verge of the fact that her rivals from Russia wanted to challenge the results. The International Gymnastics Federation dismissed any accusations of unfair refereeing, but because of this, the Israeli athlete faced a wave of criticism. Linoy Ashram didn't let this negativity affect her.

“I really didn't pay attention to what they were saying. We were completely focused on winning. I am especially proud that I was able to win and bring something new to this sport. And it's not a fact that only athletes from Eastern Europe win, '' said the gymnast.

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