Link between tooth decay and weight revealed

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 Link between tooth decay and weight revealed

People with obesity or, conversely, underweight, have significantly more decayed teeth than the rest of the population.

Israeli scientists from the Hebrew University and the Hadassah Medical Center came to this conclusion. .

In a sample of those who were normal or overweight, the average was 2 or 2.1 decayed teeth, respectively. Obese and underweight people had an average of 2, 4 teeth with caries.

The study used the standard classification of people by body mass index: less than 18.5 points — underweight; from 18.5 to 25 — normal; from 25 to 30 — overweight, from 30 — obesity.

“This study demonstrates a positive association between underweight and obese and dental caries categories,” — noted Dr. Galit Almoznino from the Department of Oral Medicine.

She emphasized that people in these weight categories should be especially vigilant about their dental health.

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