Link between Russia and Iran in a mysterious airstrike on the Iraqi-Syrian border

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 Communication between Russia and Iran in a mysterious air strike on the Iraqi-Syrian border

On Tuesday evening, sometime after midnight Iraqi time, there were reports that airstrikes had been carried out along the Iraqi-Syrian border. Distributed videos show a fire at the border crossing between Albukamal in Syria and Al-Qaim in Iraq.

The crossing is a key location and since late 2017 has served as a conduit for Iran to spread its influence through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon.< br />
Rumors of an airstrike, in which some local observers have blamed the United States, are interesting in that they come amid heightened concerns about Iran's role in the region, as well as Iranian-Russian relations.
< br /> Iran exported drones to Russia during the war against Ukraine, a fact that Tehran has now acknowledged after many months of denial. Mostly Shahed 136 drones that Russia uses to attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

The Sky News report says that Russia gave Iran about $141 million in cash and shipped captured weapons systems to the US and UK “in exchange for dozens of drones”.

This is one of the first message, which indicates how much Russia paid for the acquired drones. This comes amid growing fears that Iran could supply Russia with more weapons, such as ballistic missiles. Iran is becoming a global drone power, and if it also sends missiles to Russia, it will be another escalation of the conflict.

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