Limp Bizkit released a clip with deepfakes of Putin and Zelensky

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 Limp Bizkit released a clip with Putin and Zelensky deepfakes

The American group Limp Bizkit presented a video for the song “Out of Style”, where the members of the musical group starred in the images of world leaders – Vladimir Zelensky, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping and Kim Chen-un.< br />
The faces of the presidents appeared in the clip thanks to the use of IDipfake technology.

“Putin” frontman Fred Durst featured in the nu metal band's video. "Zelensky" became DJ Lethal, "Biden" – Wes Borland.

Remarkably, Durst has repeatedly supported Putin and his policies towards Ukraine. He spoke in the annexed Crimea, claiming that the peninsula is Russian. Due to pro-Russian views and performances in Crimea, the musician was banned from entering Ukraine.

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