Lily Ivanova’s first love cut her cruelly …

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Lily Ivanova’s first love cut her cruelly …

“Lily Ivanova has not occupied my mind for a long time, to take as much pension as she wants. In the end, everyone is responsible for their own antiquities. “So Licho Stones, or Iliya Karayanev, one of the great loves of the primate of the native stage, explains the situation with his retirement, which happened recently.

“What will I do with a Bulgarian pension?” For ten or so years of work, the Swedes gave me a 1,200 euro pension, and when they called me to the National Social Security Institute, it turned out that I would take BGN 100, which is probably a little more now. I screwed them up and slammed the door, “73-year-old Iliya Karayanev, quoted by Bulgaria Today, described the situation with his retirement with a laugh.

For the 80th anniversary of Lili Ivanova in 2019, the Council of Ministers voted from the special pensions for merits of BGN 700 to the singer.

This could have happened a decade earlier, but the then finance minister found that the primate had unpaid taxes of half a million levs.

“After all, Lily still sings, what so much,” explains Licho.

Iliya Karayanev-Licho, who is the emblem of the city of Plovdiv, has not been in contact with the singer for years. And some time ago the two were great love.

According to the creator of Lili Ivanova and her ex-second husband Zdravko Radoev Licho, with whom they are first friends, is the great love of our primate, not the late Vanko Peev.

“They were madly in love. This happened after Lily’s divorce from Yancho Takov. Licho did not crack anyone, at least not on her.

Maybe she liked this quality of his a lot at that time “, Zdravko Radoev says today.

“Once on one of our tours with my orchestra, Lily asked me to take Licho with us.

She already had a relationship with him, and he was a very good guitarist and he knew the whole repertoire, he played all the solos on his guitar.

We traveled together, but an incident happened in Blagoevgrad. We were supposed to go to a concert in the county, but Licho was drunk in the restaurant.

Lily, me, the whole orchestra are on the bus and we are waiting for Licho to come. After 20 minutes of waiting, Lily sent the speakers to look for him in his hotel room.

They go to him, but he curses them. He said: “I’m fucking your concert!”. Then Lily asked me if my other guitarist in the orchestra could play the solo.

He said, “I’ll try.” This was their last contact, just alcohol separated them, but they were great love.

She barely survived her separation from Licho, “Radoev said. Immediately after that, Asen Gargov took advantage of the fact that the primate was alone,

and crawled into her bed. He and Gargata performed some of the most popular duets in the 80’s, testified the cult musician Zdravko Radoev.


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