Like drug addicts: crazy demand for slimming injections on the black market in Israel

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 Like drug addicts: crazy demand for slimming injections on the Israeli black market

Some time ago it was found that the diabetes drug Ozempic double dose suppresses hunger and with their help you can lose up to 10% of the weight. a specially designed weight loss drug, Saxenda, has the same effect.

Medicines can theoretically be obtained by prescription from a family doctor – but not all meet the criteria set by the Ministry of Health.

The Israeli media tell wonderful stories that people lose up to 60 kg of weight. The only problem is that the medicine must be taken constantly so that the weight does not start to grow again.

The Ministry of Health, realizing that the excessive demand will lead to the fact that there will be no medicines left for diabetics, a few months ago introduced strict restrictions on their issuance.

As a result, the cost of one milligram of drugs has reached 1,800 shekels, and since demand is not reduced. but it's only growing, now half a milligram costs almost that much.

Meanwhile, the obesity revolution continues. The FDA has approved a new drug, Wegovy, which helps to lose 17-18% of body weight.

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