Light rail launch date not set – controller's report

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 Light rail launch date not set – controller's report

Yesterday State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman published a report on the construction of the Red Line in Tel Aviv. After an investigation of the project by the controller, it was expected that the light rail system's capability would work reliably, but this did not happen. Trains stop regularly and doors do not open in front of designated platform openings.

The State Comptroller's report criticizes a series of delays and cost increases for the light rail. The project was due to open in October 2021, but was then delayed until November 2022, and has now been delayed again.

The controller's report does not mention the NTA's request to delay the launch of the line due to a power struggle between management and board of directors seeking additional powers, which led to the resignation of the CEO and five vice presidents. As a result, the company's operations stalled for months, as it was carried out without top management.

According to the controller's report, the cost estimate for the project increased significantly from NIS 10.7 billion to NIS 18.4 billion.
< br /> All this has not stopped NTA CEO Chaim Glick from announcing that trains will start running in the first quarter of 2023. However, the company overseeing the project warns that the launch will not take place until June.

will not start functioning reliably.

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