Life without social media there is: scientists told about the consequences

Жизнь без соцсетей существует: ученые рассказали о последствиях

The scientists said that happens to a person’s life, which completely abandons the social networks

People lately started to get tired of social networking. It takes a lot of time and takes away from real life.

Researchers at Stanford University showed the effects of deleting the account in Facebook. We studied the behavioral factors of the people, remove your account in this social network.

Жизнь без соцсетей существует: ученые рассказали о последствиях

The study was initiated before the US presidential elections 2016, when the country experienced great political tension and polarization. In the end, remove the account, the Americans were able to reduce the amount of heated debate, and the majority of people who refuse account in social networks, said that they were much happier and they have fewer depressions and States of loneliness.

After participating in the experiment, they also began to use other social networks or delete the account. Renounced life in social networks, the volunteers pointed out a lot of stuff that they were able to “fill in” vacant time. It was meeting friends, and more time spent communicating with family and even just watching TV.

People are much less time began to study and reactions to the news, it helped to relieve a stressful situation. In the end, the experts pointed out that the care or big limitation of use of social networks have a positive effect.

Note, not always social networks have a negative impact on people. Scientists from the University of Western Ontario the study found out that there’s a positive side to the health.

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, tied up with motivation for sports. Falling under the influence of his circle of friends, people adapt to his behavior.

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Жизнь без соцсетей существует: ученые рассказали о последствиях

The audience of Facebook, according to statistics, 23 percent are students, 32 percent of which spend more than 4:00 to chat on the Internet. It is based on the fact that people need the close social ties that affect their well-being and behavior. For interview and participation in a focus group the University of Ontario invited students number of 24 and 19. Last shared his attitude to Facebook and learned how the site is associated with the motivation to exercise.

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