Life on the moon possible: scientists have created the first “at home” photos

Жизнь на Луне возможна: ученые создали первые "дома", фото

European researchers have created a special Yurt, who will go into the satellite of the Earth

In 2018, humanity has approached the issue of colonizing the moon and we intend in the near future to settle there first people, says Hyser.

If possible, it would mean a great breakthrough in the history of humanity and greatest achievement of mankind and science. By the way, the moon, the scientists intend to colonize earlier than Mars.

Жизнь на Луне возможна: ученые создали первые "дома", фото

Architecture students who work together with the European space Agency ESA, has created an interesting concept for life on the moon. The lunar base project and the first houses for the satellite indicated in the European city of Cologne, Germany.

One of the developers said that in the heart of the problem of colonization of the moon is the use of available resources, logistical and structural solutions. Scientists focused on the use of unprocessed lunar soils in construction.

Moon base is a certain space of the Yurt. One of the highlights of the concept is the maintenance of life in extreme conditions, at low and high temperatures as well as radiation exposure.

The developers have offered to send on the Earth’s companion in a small crater in the southern polarity of a small inflatable modules. Each of them will be attached to life-support systems of cosmonauts. One of these modules will be located on the bottom of the crater, it will be partly covered with lunar soil.

Жизнь на Луне возможна: ученые создали первые "дома", фото

This will protect the colonialists from the temperature of meteorites and radiation. The following models must be installed on top of the previous. They need to be sealed, and also to fill up the lunar soil.

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Experts have even created a special contest. It was attended by scientists from around the world. They offer their own versions of the colonization of the moon. Previously Land was forwarded to the new images of the back side of the moon: mankind has been able to get an idea about the hidden segments of the lunar surface.

Жизнь на Луне возможна: ученые создали первые "дома", фото

In early January 2019, the Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e-4” made a moon landing to hidden from telescopes of the moon. After a few hours the world saw the first photos of the back side of the satellite.

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