Liepāja Theater is creating a digital adventure for children “Understand and Don’t Understand”

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Liepāja Theater is creating a digital adventure for children “Understand and Don’t Understand”

Liepāja Theater has a very long tradition of children’s performances – spectators are offered a new children’s performance every season. As difficult epidemiological conditions continue, the theater has found a way to please young audiences so that watching the show is not only exciting but also safe for them.

The young actors of the Liepaja Theater, under the direction of director Dmitry Petrenko, are currently working on a digital performance – an adventure for children “Understand and Don’t Understand”, which is premiered on October 28. Initially, the show will be offered to students, but performances are also planned for November so that children can watch them together with their parents, Borg said.

She emphasized that the fact that the play “Understand and Don’t Understand” received one of the three awards in the Liepāja Theater Play Competition announced last year was special and interesting, and its author is actress Kintija Stūre, who will also take part in this show.

“Due to the pandemic, many shows last season were adapted to the digital environment, but this is different – it was already planned as a digital adventure, so it is especially about how to combine acting with a digital environment that will be exciting and recognizable for children. . Not so often performances are not staged in this way, “said director Petrenko.

“Understand and Don’t Understand” is a show that children between the ages of six and ten will enjoy the most, but it will be exciting for everyone. It is a story about a brother and sister, whose family is adopted by the adopted brother Alexander, who is not easy to accept at first. Kids travel in a fantasy world to find the lost doll Bambolin. Of course, as always, every trip is a test during which children must both make friends and be able to cope with various difficulties, the plot of the show was outlined by Borg.

“The show will also tell about how to deal with the unknown, what we are afraid of, what we do not understand, what we do not like. The creative team also thinks about how to tell children what empathy is and how to learn to feel it towards others, ”added Petrenko.

The artist -8, who works closely with the master of 3D animation Alexis Vētra-Ozols, also helps to make the show, the soundtrack is created by Milda Ziemane.

Actors Valts Skuja, Kārlis Ērglis, Kārlis Artejevs, Stūre, Agnija Dreimane, Madara Viļčuka will take part in the performance. It will be possible to watch the show on the “Zoom” platform, where it will be shown live at the times offered.

The times of the show in November will be announced separately.


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