Letizia of Spain: a modern queen of the head with stiletto heels

Letizia of Spain: a modern queen of the head with stiletto heels
Letizia of Spain: a modern queen of the head with stiletto heels
Friday, September 15, Letizia of Spain celebrates its 45th anniversary. Queen for three years, she was able to impose a wind of modernity on the Spanish monarchy, which is particularly evident in her style.

Queen of Spain, but also of the style , Letizia of Spain managed to impose on the scene of the European royalty. The one that, today, September 15, 2017, celebrates its 45 years is often compared to Kate Middleton, the seasoned fashionable gotha. But where the Duchess of Cambridge opts more and more for classical pieces and “memerise” a bit his style , Letizia Ortiz, she, multiplies the appearances ultra-styled and dares audacious pieces.

Despite a protocol well oiled for several decades, Letizia of Spain manages to dress to his tastes: with class and modernity. On official visit, she does not hesitate to take out her red passion jacket with sleeves ample and adorned with ruffles. A piece of the Spanish brand … Zara, and at a very soft price of 89.95 euros . It is with elegance that she wanders in the streets of Madrid in her pencil skirt in dark leather, which espouses with sensuality her thin legs. For another official release, it does not hesitate either to drop his wavy hair on her bare shoulders with a shirt collar hinny. Or wear a striped dress signed Hugo Boss. She knows how to vary styles, brands, prices but never gives up on elegance, refinement.

A wardrobe finally as transgressive as it could be in the eyes of the Spaniards. Remember … On May 22, 2004, Prince Felipe married Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, a thirty-one-year-old former presenter of the 20-hour newspaper of TVE, a daughter of a trade unionist, a granddaughter of a taxi driver, agnostic … and divorced. Ten years later, Letizia of Spain became queen of Spain. She knew, brilliantly, knew how to impose her dress style but also her vision of the role of sovereign, and has been for a decade blowing a wind of modernity on the royal family of Spain.

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> Discover the ultra-modern looks of Letizia of Spain in our slideshow.

A good example of success for an atypical profile on which little wagered. But a beautiful story that must surely reassure, some Meghan Markle, 35-year-old American actress, divorced, who, very much in love with Harry of England, still does not really know if his wish can be realized.

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