Let it rot in prison!

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Let it rot in prison!


Dimitar Rachkov has finally written off his brother Petar, who is serving a sentence of 3 years and 2 months in prison. The star flatly refuses to meet with his relative and visit him behind bars, say people close to the family. In all the months since Peter has been warm, the actor has not gone on a single date. He vowed not to visit him again.

His care for him was limited to a TV set he had bought him and a few boxes of cigarettes, which he sent from time to time at his mother’s insistence. The woman tried to pardon Mitko and make him visit the black sheep of his family, but the comedian was adamant. He could not forgive Peter for bringing great stress to his parents, from whom they are barely recovering.

We remind you that Rachkov’s brother was arrested at the end of March after a police chase, during which he refused to stop for an inspection and crashed into a car of the gendarmerie. There were drugs in the unregistered car he was driving. The action takes place while Peter is on probation under a previous opiate distribution sentence. A month later, the 41-year-old man was sentenced to one year and 3 months in prison with an initial strict regime of serving and a fine of BGN 5,000. The court also executed the sentence of one year and 11 months in prison in another case, during which the accusation was brought after the action with the cops. As a result of all this, Dimitar Rachkov’s brother has been behind bars for several months now and is not expected to leave soon. “Let it rot there! It’s worth it!”, Dimitar was angry.

The mother of the two brothers is about to have a nervous breakdown, acquaintances told “Weekend”. She had a hard time with her younger son’s marriage and did not miss a chance to meet him in prison. On the other hand, Dimitar Rachkov did not want to hear about his relative. In all the months Peter had been behind bars, he had never visited him. Mitko had forbidden the subject to be raised in his presence. He erupted in quarrels even at the slightest hint of what was happening to his brother, and refused to talk about him even with his mother. According to his acquaintances, what happened to Peter is the biggest shame in his life. The star was mortally offended to his brother for the dark stain he threw on his image with his problems. That is why he was adamant that he did not want to have any contact with him in the future. Even his mother’s tears could not dissuade him.

Nevertheless, Rachkov tried to alleviate the prison life of his relative as much as possible. For this purpose he had sent him an expensive TV set, which was used not only by Peter, but also by his friends in the pandiza. People even joked that the star chose such a gift so that his brother could watch it on TV after he could not see it live. From time to time Mitko also sent packages of cigarettes. He paid for Peter’s phone, but refused to talk to him.

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