Lesya Nikityuk decided to kiss up to the audience: I took a course of “combat” dancer

Леся Никитюк решила подмазаться к зрителям: Я прошла курс «боевого» танцора

Ukrainian TV presenter and contestant on “dancing with the stars,” said that for her it means second place

Every time they danced, in the latter, and reached the final of the show. All you can say about a pair of Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov. After the broadcast she revealed the secret of his silver (second place) on the show “dancing with the stars”, told in a press-service of the New channel.

The audience cheered, because “Beginelement” – was in the final.

“The finale of “Dancing with the stars” for me was the fourteenth! Each of our yield to the floor been very hard. Every time we thought he would final! Yes! Each air danced as the last. And if not for the audience’s support – it would have happened. People, what you did is incredible! Now I can confidently say that we won the most important prize – “the Prize of spectator sympathies”” — does not hide Les.

Леся Никитюк решила подмазаться к зрителям: Я прошла курс «боевого» танцора

Леся Никитюк решила подмазаться к зрителям: Я прошла курс «боевого» танцора

Lesya Nikityuk broke “hysteria” after the defeat on “dancing with the stars”: the Cup for me
Show business

TV presenter loves honesty and always Frank with the judges and viewers, she didn’t pick up the words and often say what he thinks. On the parquet of her exploits have always inspired the Ukrainian people, love and support which has saved Les from departure from the show.

“The show “dancing with the stars” and huge audience support – this is what helped me to improve myself even more and believe in their capabilities. In my childhood, when I told my mom that I want to sing, mom asked me to sing, I sang, and she immediately took me to the pool. Later I asked my mom to give me dancing – mom continued to drive me to the pool. When I came to the “Dancing with the stars,” mother, may regret that did not put me to the dance,” laughs the host.

According to the silver medalist of the show, it for weeks of participation in the project passed the “course of combat dancer”, tried to dance for those who do not believe in

Леся Никитюк решила подмазаться к зрителям: Я прошла курс «боевого» танцора

“But for 14 weeks I attended a course in “combat” dancer. I danced for all those who forgot about faith in yourself and your abilities, for those who do not believe that it is possible to achieve something without money and connections, for those looking for a reason why not. Please, for once, tell yourself – Yes! You have to go for their dreams, no matter what,” added Les.

The girl claims that during participation in the project, she realized that she had lived a full life, surviving in the dance rooms and joy, and sorrow:

“During these four months I realized that dance is like life! Each element of the room is like a stage: “was failed”, “joy-grief”. Whatever it was, most importantly, each stage of the dance, and the dance ended with applause. The winners change every year, and Beginelement one!”, — finished his speech nikitiuk.

Recall, Vlad Yama after “Dancing with the stars” changed his profession.

As reported Politeka Nikityuk and the Hole will sort things out on the floor, the scandal is gaining momentum.

Also Politeka reported Nikityuk without underwear became the laughing stock of the web: a Pale moth with big teeth.

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