Leps became the most expensive artist of the Russian Federation in 2022

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 Leps became the most expensive Russian artist in 2022

with a fee of 9 million rubles

Singer Grigory Leps remains the most expensive artist in Russia, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. referring to an unnamed employee of a company that organizes private events with stars.

In 2022, many Russian artists lost their income. Some opposed the Kremlin's policies, condemned the war in Ukraine and left the country. Others preferred to “sit out” and not to draw attention to themselves, due to which their fees decreased in proportion to their popularity and demand.

All this did not affect Grigory Leps, despite the turmoil in his personal life and participation in several high-profile scandals. He remains in demand by the Russian public as the most expensive singer in Russia.

At the same time, part of the public believes that the singer's scandalous behavior only benefited him, creating the image of a “normal Russian peasant who can wave his fists in on fire,” and then also “tear your shirt” and to repent of a violent character in front of the audience, which apparently captivates and pleases the average Russian. for a corporate party or a concert, according to "KP", in 2022 amounted to 120 thousand euros.

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