Legendary COP Ford Crown Victoria rebuilt in Dodge Charger

Old sedan Ford Crown Victoria, overage in the police Department of Portland, has found a new life. American stuntman James Smith built at its base is a replica of the Dodge Charger 1969.

At the same time, the old Ford didn’t just tried to liken the Charger – it did look like the General Lee car, which was the vehicle of the heroes of the Comedy series “the Dukes of Hazzard”. It is from there that many a child learned about Charger ‘ 69 and fell in love with this model.

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Impressed that a replica was built in the shortest possible time – work took only 12 days. Has been used, as some original parts from the Charger, and in fact, improvised materials. For example, the grille was made from the ventilation grids, bought in Wallmart.

The end result is striking – a replica is difficult to distinguish from the original, and to know in her Ford Crown Victoria and not possible, unless, of course, not to look at the interior.

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Now the machine shows on the performances of the stunts in the spirit of those “Dukes of hazard”.

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