“Legend” the Second world found at the bottom of the Pacific ocean: “heavily damaged”

"Легенду" Второй мировой обнаружили на дне Тихого океана: "тяжело поврежден"

The us ship “hornet” during the Second world war found a team of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

In 2016, the research vessel “Petrel” went in the Pacific ocean for sunken warships. Recently their efforts were crowned with new success. This is reported by foreign media.

"Легенду" Второй мировой обнаружили на дне Тихого океана: "тяжело поврежден"

Before departure, the team had studied the archives. In particular in-flight magazines from nine American warships near the “Hornet” at the time of flooding. This allowed them to determine the approximate location of the wreck of the aircraft carrier. And then to find the remains of the ship near the Solomon Islands.

Now hornet is resting in the middle of the Pacific ocean at a depth of about five kilometers. Deep drone made naskolko photos of the ship on the bottom. As can be seen, the carrier is well preserved for long decades. "Легенду" Второй мировой обнаружили на дне Тихого океана: "тяжело поврежден"

U.S. aircraft carrier “hornet” type “Yorktown” is a legend of world war II. It was launched in December 1940 and used in the period from 1941 to 1942. The ship took part in the key operations of the initial period of the war in the Pacific. The most iconic is the “Doolittle RAID” on Tokyo that took place on 18 April 1942. On this day, from the deck of the “Hornet” off 16 medium bombers B-25 that struck multiple targets in Japan. And the battle of midway.

In October 1942, the ship received heavy damage from enemy aircraft in the battle of the Islands Santa Cruz. The crew abandoned the crippled ship. Soon he sank the us to protect it from capture by the opponents. The draft noted that “hornet” refers to the ships of the first rank, lost during the war and is of particular historical value. The organizer of the expedition Paul Allen was always interested in aircraft carriers Therefore, the discovery of the “Hornet”, the researchers intend to dedicate it to the memory.

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"Легенду" Второй мировой обнаружили на дне Тихого океана: "тяжело поврежден"

The main task of the team “Petrel” was the search for known ships, killed in action. So a year ago, the project participants found the sunken American aircraft carrier “Lexington”. And before they found the heavy cruiser “Indianapolis”, the Italian destroyer “Artillery” and the Japanese battleship “Musashi”.

Recall, the Admiral urged US to attack the ships of Putin.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists have discovered a unique treasure in Russia via gopher.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have discovered an incredible find in the glacier.

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