Lebanon urges Hezbollah to prevent Hamas cell from attacking Israel

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 Lebanon urged Hezbollah to prevent Hamas cell from attacking Israel

Lebanese security officials are concerned about the plans of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas to attack Israel from southern Lebanon.

Local newspaper Beirut Observer published a list of Hamas members who allegedly were involved in planning terrorist attacks without the participation of Hezbollah, which controls most of southern Lebanon. The list includes: Samir Fendi, Hassan Farhat, Nadeem Dawabsha and Ahmed Hamdan Abdullah.

The newspaper writes that Lebanese security officials have criticized Hezbollah's “inaction” because any operation against Israel in this a specific time will put Lebanon at risk.

In addition, the Lebanese security service calls on Hezbollah prevent a Hamas cell from attacking Israel.

Hezbollah completely controls South Lebanon, and ignores UNIFIL, so no one can do anything without her approval, and if [she] agrees to conduct operations by this Hamas cell, then this is very dangerous for Lebanon,” the message says.
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