Learned the name of the beautiful actress, who will play Lesya Ukrainka in the new movie

Стало известно имя красавицы-актрисы, которая сыграет Лесю Украинку в новом фильме

This will be the first starring role of a young actress in a feature film

The main role in the biographical film about writer Lesia Ukrainka will play Daria Polunin.

This was announced by the creators of the movie tape.

“Lesya Ukrainka. On the edge of the forest.” It is this full name polnometrazhki Director Nana Janelidze. The Creator of the film said that the role of Polunino she gave at the first acquaintance with her:

“Dasha immediately fascinated me – she has something attractive, not a classic, but striking, ethereal beauty. Even in rehearsals she was able to release his inner power and to make the image Lesia three-dimensional, very well poured at the time. I believe that she is the actress which has a great future,” — recalled the Director.

Стало известно имя красавицы-актрисы, которая сыграет Лесю Украинку в новом фильме

Here is what the leading lady of the movie and overall his impressions about it:

“This is the way Lesia, for me, was very textbook. After I began to take in her life, I was even scared, of how magnificent this woman was. Because I’m such a small person compared to her – how am I supposed to pass? The farther, the more I realize how alive, sensitive, and it was great. Really want to know about it all,” said the actress.

It is known that Darya Polunin played a major role in a short film of Acadia Nepytalyuk “Pudding”, the film which got national award “Gold Dzyga”.

Стало известно имя красавицы-актрисы, которая сыграет Лесю Украинку в новом фильме

She starred in the film “Sasha” — another short film Katarzyna Lesisz. The premiere of the first films with the participation of Darya Polunino “Fokster and Max”, which was directed by Anatoly Mateshko, will be released next year.

We will remind, after Meghan Markle got engaged with Prince Harry, she was forced to move away from the world of showbiz as he stated immediately after the engagement.But recently, new details have become known of the life of Markle, but rather plans for the future.

The noise in the world’s tabloids for this reason provoked the recent agent of the former team “Suits” and a friend of the Markle Gina Nelcorp cone.

So the agent told me that she fully expects that the Duchess of Sussex will be back in Hollywood:

“I’m sure she’ll make the movie. I do think so.”

Gina became a good friend, Megan, was said to have been with her that day when she met Prince Harry.

She added:

“If Megan wants to do a movie, it will do. She’s a strong woman, and she knows what she wants. She has her will, and she’s a leader.”

Gina said that if Megan is going to make a movie, only “something serious”, and this will not happen until she and Harry can’t have kids:

“I know she wanted a lot of children. She’ll make a wonderful mother,” continued Gina.

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