Leading “Eurovision-2020” will be the makeup artist is transgender

Ведущей “Евровидения-2020” станет визажист-трансгендер

Leading “Eurovision-2020” will be the makeup artist is transgender
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Photo: instagram.com/nikkietutorials/William Rutten

In social networks on blogers signed more than 26 million subscribers.

The organizers of the contest “Eurovision-2020” announced the name of the first song leading for the upcoming show. This year it became a famous YouTube beauty blogger and transgender Nikki de Jager. This is the official website of the contest.

– From the moment Duncan Lawrence won in tel Aviv, I had only one desire: to take part in “Eurovision”, which will be held in the Netherlands. When I was invited at the end of last year, I was extremely proud of. I look forward to the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique experience for 2 weeks, – said in an interview with the girl.

Nicki will not only be leading all three shows, but show a special YouTube series about the behind the scenes, where they will interview contestants, and will also stream the opening ceremony.

Behalf of other leading upcoming show, the organizers will announce later.

Beautician Nikki de Jager 25 years. On the network she goes by the alias of Nikkie Tutorials. Her YouTube channel and Instagram page has over 13 million subscribers. Earlier the girl did the makeup for stars like Kim Kardashian, Jessie j and Lady Gaga. In the beginning of 2020 blogger stated online that is transgender, since I was 19. Now the makeup artist is Dating a guy named Dylan.

When will the competition take place

Anniversary, 65th song contest “Eurovision” will be held in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). The semifinals will take place on 12 and 14 may, the final on 16 may 2020. According to the draw, the participant from Ukraine will perform in the second part of the first semi-final.

For the right to represent the country at the competition participants compete in the Ukrainian national selection for “Eurovision-2020”. The first semi-final took place on 8 February and the second will be held on 15th February (live on the STB and NTU). By results of voting of spectators and jury the finalists have already entered: Go-A, Jerry Heil, KRUTЬ. The final narutoboy will take place on February 22.

Ведущей “Евровидения-2020” станет визажист-трансгендер

Nikki makeup Lady Gaga Photo: Instagram


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