Leading “eagle and tails” for the first time told about childbirth: “Belly cracked”

Ведущая "Орла и решки" впервые рассказала о родах: "Живот треснул"

One of the most namenity leading the popular show “heads and tails” Natalie Neverov on his page in Instagram wrote that after giving birth is not the same as I would like, and shared their impressions with followers

“2 weeks BEFORE delivery 2 weeks AFTER. Well, what? Can I get on the runway, like Heidi Klum at one time? Don’t answer, I will not go. Actually, remember I wrote that already here the end of pregnancy, blah-blah-blah stretch marks on my stomach no, the buzz. And just a week before birth, the belly is cracked, not much, but cracked … I threw obidnoe, it now goes like this, apologizing, good riddance,” she signed your post.

Ведущая "Орла и решки" впервые рассказала о родах: "Живот треснул"

Leading fans actively responded to the publication and began to support the idol. Some told their stories on this subject, some recommended tools that will help to cope with the situation, and some just support Natalie.

“It’s genetics, and the skin’s ability to regenerate. I also have 10 days after birth, the belly stuck to the back. Came to work in jeans tight – all came to watch as well after 10 days this form, thank you mom and dad. So You, Natalie good! And cream butter is optional in the source data, I Have no stretch marks, but the belly looked worse after the birth. You direct everything”, “You look gorgeous, nothing, everything is fixable, and you have a good result,” added Nevedrova.

Ведущая "Орла и решки" впервые рассказала о родах: "Живот треснул"

Earlier another season of the popular travel programs the “heads and Tails” came to an end. After the end of the project, “Heaven or Hell 2” it leaves presenter Natalie Nevedrova. The reason for her departure began a long separation from her little daughter Marie-Nicole, which Natalie wants to avoid in the future.

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“Dream job” as he called Nevedrova their participation in the project, demanded the girl too much. Natalie six months fell out of the usual circle of friends, gave up friends, my husband.

Recall that the leading “eagle and Tails” has changed beyond recognition.

As reported Politeka, “heads and Tails” favorite host is leaving.

Politeka also wrote that the leading “eagle and Tails” openly talked about.

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