Leading Auditor, together with her husband went on our honeymoon

Ведущая  Ревизора  вместе с мужем отправилась в медовый месяц

Leading “Inspector” along with her husband went on our honeymoon
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Julia Pankova with her husband went to Thailand

Host of “Inspector X” (New channel) Julia Pankova married this fall. The name and face of her husband, the girl still keeps secret. It is known that he engaged in business in sphere of high technologies.

Why would I show my husband? I have not a public person. I am the extrovert and he the introvert. Happiness love peace, – said Julia in an interview with “KP”. – I’m not Beyonce to show her husband and say: look, I got married.

The girl, along with her husband departed on a wedding trip to Thailand.

Honeymoon happens once in a lifetime, so I very carefully chose the country for vacation – said Julia. – Flew on the skeleton of Phuket. Here is a very cool a sense of privacy. Sometimes it seems that Villa, in the restaurant, the pool, only my husband.

Presenter admits that he came here for the sake of a new gastronomic tastes.

– In Kiev, I often cook the Tom yum soup, she says. – But really wanted to try it in Thailand, because it is the national dish of the country.

The island has a large variety of unusual fruits. Here grows the world famous durian, which is transported out of the country impossible.

– Smell like a sewer, and the taste is strawberry-banana – smiles is a leading New channel. – Because of a sharp nasty smell of durian is not allowed in hotels and on the plane we are not talking! Is it must be fresh. As for me, the taste of it is really very specific. First, it’s like eating a swamp, and then the taste becomes sweet in color and resembles a banana.


“Inspector,” Julia Pankova: “surprise, that I was no attack”

The girl was leading the project of investigation “Insider”, participated in the show “Masterchef,” and now organizes gastronomic journey. So good food and quality service Julia knows everything. Now, about this we and tell.

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