Lead poisoning epidemic: scientists warn of new danger of smartphones

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Lead poisoning epidemic: scientists warn of new danger of smartphones

Lead can cause miscarriage.

Smartphones in the future may stimulate the epidemic of lead poisoning. The poisonous metal found in skeletons dating back 12,000 years reflects the growing pace of lead production. The findings of the study are & # 171; a harbinger of the future & # 187;, scientists warn, Chronicle.info reports with reference to TSN.

In particular, experts & nbsp; during the study checked bones & nbsp; from a burial ground in central Italy, which has been used for 12 thousand years & nbsp; to trace the level of lead concentration in different eras.

Scientists have found that as lead production in the world rises, so does the absorption of lead in humans, even those who simply breathe air around the metal. & Nbsp; This observation has been noted to have widespread health implications given the projected increase in lead production and others. metals.

At the same time, as noted, the iPhone works precisely because of the lead, which is used in the soldering, connecting the parts. And Apple's gadget has & nbsp; s, 5 billion people, that is, almost half of the world's population.

& # 171; The more lead we produce, the more people are likely to absorb it into their bodies. & Nbsp ; It has a very toxic effect. & Nbsp; Children are especially vulnerable to disorders of the brain and nervous system. Lead also increases the & nbsp; risk of high blood pressure and kidney damage in adults, and can cause miscarriage or premature labor & # 171 ;, says co-author Professor Ygal Ereli.

Professor Ereli of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said tough restrictions are needed. & Nbsp; He warned: & # 171; The close relationship between lead production and human lead concentration in the past suggests that, without proper regulation, we will continue to be harmed on the health of toxic metal & # 187 ;.

The production of lead and other metals, as noted, will grow even more due to demands for electronic devices, batteries, solar panels and wind turbines. They deteriorate over time and release their toxicity into the air and soil. And once lead enters the body, it spreads to the brain, kidneys, liver and bones.

As SciTechDaily adds, people who are most in contact with lead are at greatest risk, namely miners and recycling workers, lead can be found in our daily lives in the form of batteries and the next generation of solar panels.

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