Lazarev broke rumors of the affair with lorac: lit new loved one

Лазарев разбил слухи о романе с Лорак: засветился новый близкий человек

On the eve of the Eurovision 2019 popular Russian singer Sergey Lazarev became the object of attention of journalists

The audience was losing interest in his person, the artist regularly throws the reins for discussion. Recently leaked scandalous photos of a close friend Lazarev, Dmitry Kuznetsov and his son Nikita. The man has the boy a godfather, reports Clutch.

Лазарев разбил слухи о романе с Лорак: засветился новый близкий человек

“To be a godparent is a big responsibility”, — has signed a frame Kuznetsov.

As you can see by the comments of Lazarus, he was unhappy with the publication of the picture. The artist prefers not to make public their personal lives and protects the son from the public. But that’s not the only reason for the negative reaction of the stars.

More than a year Lazarus and Kuznetsov is credited with a novel. Fans often see a pair together and I think that Nikita is their common child. That’s one of the proofs hanging out “lovers”.

Sam Lazarev affair and denies rumours about his orientation has not commented. He calls the Kuznetsov a friend and a business partner. Previously, Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev decided to take their relationship to a new level: the Ukrainian singer was suspected of visiting the country houses of Russian performer to experience his family.

At least this is stated in the material of one of the Russian media, the screenshot of which was shared by Sergey Lazarev in his Instagram. In an article titled “the Conspiracy has failed!” tells that Lazarev allegedly brought the singer to his country house to meet with her son Nikita, after that the pair spent the weekend together.

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The article is accompanied by a joint photograph Lorak and Lazarev, on which the singer gently prinimaet artist.

Лазарев разбил слухи о романе с Лорак: засветился новый близкий человек

Lazarev shared the screenshot of this news, but to comment on it no more. Fans of the singer interpreted this step differently: they believe that the article is written is true.

Another “proof” of the relationship Lorak and Lazarev fans believe a new photo of the Russian singer, in which he walks in the surrounding area with his son.

Recall, Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev decided not to hide anymore: “to Me it is not enough”

As reported Politeka, MARUV first told about the relationship with Lazarev: “Lorak left behind”

Also Politeka wrote that “the New groom” Lorak made a post after her divorce: “Well, zvezdec”

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