Lawyer for starving imprisoned terrorist petitions for his release

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 Lawyer for starving imprisoned terrorist petitioned for his release

A lawyer for Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawada on Friday petitioned the High Court to release his client from administrative detention as his condition worsens after 170 days of hunger strike.

In the petition, lawyer Ahlam Haddad asked the court to issue an order requiring the authorities to explain why they are not releasing Awawada, who was detained without charge, and to provide full information about his client's health.

Awawada announced a hunger strike in early July as a sign On August 11, he was hospitalized at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, where he was kept in leg restraints and tried to keep him alive.

The petition alleges that all the doctors who examined Awawad y, including those from the prison medical service and the hospital, agree that his condition is critical, with three doctors affiliated with the Israel Civil Rights Association saying his life is in imminent danger. It also states that if the hunger strike continues, there is a high risk of permanent neurological damage.

According to the petition, this is Awawada's second hunger strike since his arrest. The prisoner ended the first strike, which lasted from March to June, after he was promised that he would be released. He began his current hunger strike after his administrative arrest was extended.

Haddad claimed in the petition that since Awawada no longer represents public danger due to his condition and his detention was only a preventive measure, he should be released immediately.

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