Laumiņa Ežumilla and Santa Claus are waiting for the little spectators in Liepāja / Day

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Laumiņa Ežumilla and Santa Claus are waiting for the little spectators in Liepāja / Day

The premiere will take place on November 28 Santa’s Rebellion, and this will be the Russian version of Alexander Jonov ‘s performance. On December 4 and 5, for the first time, we will see books translated into many languages ​​by the Slovenian writer Jan Bauer on one of the stages of the Baltic Puppet Theater. In the Dead thicket the hero of the story – the horned wildflower Ežumilla. The adventures of the animals living in the forest and forest thickets were directed by Laila Kirmuška.

Although the small Liepāja Puppet Theater does not have a separate Russian troupe, the theater regularly offers performances in Russian to its Russian-speaking audience. Performances Santa’s Rebellion Alexander Jonov, author and director of the idea, points out that First Advent is the right time to recall an important truth in life – whether you are a child or a pragmatic adult, everyone needs the power of faith and hope. “Faith and hope have a great power to guide our lives. Adult pragmatism grows unnoticed and stifles the energy of our lives. The show is an attempt to keep the glow in children’s eyes as long as possible and to create a chain reaction from children to parents, explains Alexander Jonov.

Performance Santa’s Rebellion designed as a box of surprises – artist Kristīne Martinova has created a bright, colorful and detailed scenery similar to the Advent calendar, where the opening of each small window offers to explore a new world and is an unexpected surprise. In turn, the celebration and the feeling of exaltation are awakened by the work of the lyricist Valerija Jonova and composer Rustama Bagirov.

Equally confident in the ability to change the usual order of things is given to the unusual elf Eumumilla. Most of us can imagine lovely, gentle and winged elves who can work wonders with a single swipe. But what is the power of a small, naughty fairy with horns? The horned nature of the brisk creature is vividly revealed by the doll sketches and delicate parterre dolls created by the artist Gita Petas. Accidentally caught in the Baigaja thicket, Ežumilla causes a great deal of confusion and a series of unusual events that change life in the Baigaja thicket forever.

Production by Laila Kirmuška Ežumilla. In the Dead thicket is the first reading of the story of the Slovenian writer Jan Bauer ‘s wildflower on the stage of puppet theater.

Performances are included Latvian school bags on offer.

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