Latvia will strengthen the inspection of teachers

В Латвии усилят проверки учителей

In Latvia will check the biographies of the teachers.

The Parliament of Latvia the final reading adopted amendments to the law requiring the head of the educational institution in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers order to see whether teachers of the ban on this work, reports the online edition of the with reference to the UNN.

By law, the teacher cannot work, the person convicted for a premeditated criminal act, except when recovered or overturned established that it does not harm the interests of the students, and that person is allowed to work as a teacher.

The prohibition applies also to persons with disabilities, the decision of the court deprived of trusts and the law of non-conformity relieved of the post of a teacher.

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The head of the Sejm Commission for education, Arvils Aseradens (“a New Unity”) explained the portal that Director once a year will have to go to the appropriate registers and to check if there are any new entries or changes to information which concerns them employed teachers. With regard to knowledge of the language, UserAgent noted that there were cases when the certificates had to cancel because they were fake.

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