Laser weapons to be deployed on Gaza border soon

Laser weapons will soon be deployed on the border with Gaza

Brigadier General Eyal Harel, the new head of the IDF Planning Directorate, gave an extensive interview to the business publication Globes.

The interview focused on many aspects of long-term military planning, but among other things, the general talked about the use of laser weapons as a means of missile defense.

According to Harel, laser missile defense systems are the most significant innovation in the IDF and the “ biggest good news ''. Laser systems will be able to defend Israel even against the Iranian threat.

The Ministry of Defense and Elbit Company recently completed a series of tests of a laser anti-missile system. This system can also destroy drones and quadcopters, as well as other aerial threats.

The system will be put into service in about three years. Its biggest advantage is its low cost – compared to the “ Iron Dome '' missile defense system. The laser intercept of the missile will cost several dollars, compared with 50 thousand for the Iron Dome.

The general said that the system is at a very advanced stage of development: “ At the beginning of the year, the final tests. We have managed to achieve what no one else in the world has been able to do. When the last experiments are over, we will begin mass production of laser systems, and in two years we will put them into service – and will definitely deploy them on the border with Gaza. The next step will be to reduce the cost of ground-based laser systems, as well as the creation of airborne laser systems. All major defense concerns are involved in this. The laser is the next big thing, it's the real & ldquo; Star Wars & rdquo;.

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