Large-scale road accident occurred in Turkey today: there are injured

News » Incidents A large-scale accident occurred in Turkey today: there are victims

Today, March 5, a large-scale accident occurred in Turkey involving 23 cars. This was reported by CNN Turk.

The first accident occurred at the intersection of the TEM Izmit highway in Kocael: a car and a passenger bus collided. Then 7 more different accidents occurred, which were caused by the sudden braking of the cars driving behind.

A total of 23 vehicles were involved in an accident: 3 buses, 13 cars, 2 power depots, 1 truck with vehicles, 1 truck with fruits, 1 pickup truck and 2 light commercial vehicles. Due to the accident, traffic was blocked in the direction of Istanbul.
As a result of the accident, 11 people were injured. They were taken to hospitals.

Police, firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident. Rescuers helped those who got stuck in cars to get out, and doctors provided assistance to the injured.

The TEM track was closed to traffic for about 2 hours due to an accident. It was opened to traffic after cleaning work.
Police are investigating the accident.

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