Large-scale operation: more than 100 Hamas members arrested

Large-scale operation: more than 100 Hamas members arrested

Channel 13 of Israeli TV reports that security forces carried out a large-scale operation and arrested more than 100 Hamas terrorists in the Hebron region.

According to the channel, the raid was triggered by a recent incident that took place in the settlement of Efrat. There, a 16-year-old Hamas member tried to fire an M-16 rifle, but the weapon jammed and the attack failed. This made it clear to the IDF and the Shabak that there are armed Hamas cells operating in the Hebron region that are planning attacks in the West Bank and Israel.

Over the past two weeks, the IDF has been operating in Hebron and surrounding villages, searching for suspects … Channel 13's report says it is one of the largest operations in recent years against Hamas in the West Bank.

It is worth emphasizing that the Israel Defense Forces did not officially comment on the operation, but film crew 13 Go channel reportedly accompanied the military during one of the raids.

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