Lapierre breaks the ice in the victory

Lapierre casse la glace dans la victoire

The 2362 spectators in attendance Wednesday evening at the centre Georges-Vézina were treated to an evening of great quality. Hendrix Lapierre has broken the ice, personally and for his team in a 5-0 win over the Phoenix of Sherbrooke, a first home.

“We froze a bit at the opening with 4000 people. We felt a little bit the crowd suffocate us. Today, it was completely different. We were better prepared individually and as a team to deal with the situation”, has dropped a head coach Yanick Jean in his press conference.

First, it skated on the ice at the centre Georges-Vézina, with the chances of both sides. In this game, the locals took the lead when the first choice in the last draft, Hendrix Lapierre, has hit the target for the first time in his career. After accepting a great pass from Samuel Houde numerical advantage, the attacker 16 years of age and has housed the washer in the upper part. In their sequence of three victories, the Sags have scored the first goal at all occasions. “Either you take the lead or be our keeper we keep it 0-0 so we can take the lead by following. First, we had some chances, it wouldn’t fit, but Shank has made some big stops,” noted the pilot of the Blue, considering that its troops had still done better than at the end of last week with the advance.

“I loved the performance and a lot of things we did offensively,” he praised.

Lapierre casse la glace dans la victoire

On this sequence in the second period, then a penalty would be called by the officials, the shot of the tip of Samuel Houde hit the post before finding the back of the net for the Phoenix.


The Sags have opened the valves in the first period, chasing the keeper Thommy Monette. When a penalty called in the visitors, Samuel Houde has made it 2-0 on a perfect shot that hit the post before entering the net. Then, in the digital advantage, Hendrix Lapierre and Artemi Kniazev are given in the show, in one of the most beautiful sequences at the centre Georges-Vézina for a few years. Lapierre was first served a cup of coffee to Jaxon Bellamy before handing over to Justin Ducharme who has been frustrated in the leg by Monette. The game continued and Kniazev has performed after having made the tour of the territory. Samuel Houde has also attracted attention when he took speed to the defensive opponent before handing over to Justin Ducharme, who has completed his 5th of the season in as many games, which meant the end for the keeper of the Phoenix. Jeremy Fortin has been the only one to outwit, shorthanded in the third of an angle is very restricted.

Artemi Kniazev also seems to take more of his ease, he who already has some beautiful sequences to his credit. The Russian has now tallied three points in its last three games. “Match by match, it progresses. We have seen quite a difference in the structure of his game compared to the first two. It is a young determined who wants so much to learn, stressed Yanick Jean. “So that it goes faster with some players, it is the attitude and the desire to learn. In his case, he is at the top. It is made so that it improves more quickly.”

In the other locker room, head coach Stéphane Julien said not to have been recognised by his club. “It is as if I had taken a team on day 1. The past seven weeks, it looks as if they had been forgotten. Even in the matches out of the contest, I do not remember to have given you as much of a chance. The defenders were passing behind us and we don’t look at him. It was strong since the beginning of the season, but tonight, it was not there”, he launched.

“First, we had chances and it could have put us in. Shank made of good saves at the right time. I would say that the last five minutes of the first at the end of the match, it was not in the coup, to take over the coach. We weren’t focused, we didn’t, we didn’t support the puck. I am not too hard. I would have been fine to send three boxes of Gatorade left and right, I don’t think it would have changed much.”

Lapierre casse la glace dans la victoire

Samuel Houde and Hendrix Lapierre have made sparks fly in the victory of the Sags in the face of the Phoenix, scoring all two once more raise two passes.



“IT’s BEEN a LONG time THAT I was WAITING for”

In his fifth game of his career and his tenth shot, Hendrix Lapierre has finally found the back of the net. His trio is completed by veteran Samuel Houde and Justin Ducharme has given full arms to the defense of the Phoenix with a crop of eight points.

“It’s been so long that I expected it to be. During the first four games, I’ve had a few chances, but I did not capitalized. Our trio has really experienced a big game. To finally get the first goal, sure it removes a bit of pressure, but to win 5-0, this is even better. It really is a beautiful evening, ” said the attacker, 16-year-old, in a good rookie, sent the flowers to his companions of the line.

“It just works. It is three players who like to distribute the puck with a good skater, which allows us to create opportunities, ” noted Lapierre, who would have been able to score more than one, but it has been a little too generous.

“It is my practice to often try the pass too much or make the game spectacular. I think it’s starting to get more and more. The goal that I scored, normally, I would not have launched. By the end, I should be able to make good decisions according to the time that I’m having. I have all the time been a smuggler, it is in my genes “, to agree the attacker 16 years of age.

“It has returned, not only because they have launched. Ducharme made the small details. He rushes to the net, stays there, and retrieves a loose puck. First, there was a tendency to go there, but not to stay. It was done better in the second “, for its part, noted Yanick Jean.

Game white for Shank

Author of a first clean sheet this season and his fourth in a career, Alexis Shank also gave the credit to his teammates. In three starts, the guardian of 18 years shows impressive stats with an average of 1.35 and a percentage off of .951.

“I only received 20 shots. This is not much and it wasn’t that scoring chances. My team has really helped me before, ” said Shank, who, first, has preserved the thin priority of a goal of his own with two stops in quick of the leg right. He once again pulled out the leg in the end of the period on a beautiful play room of the training sherbrooke.

“This is where it is fun “goaler”. You make big stops that keep your team in the game. This is what I love to do, ” he expressed.

Lapierre casse la glace dans la victoire




• After Halifax next may, the tournament for the Memorial cup will take place in Kelowna in 2020. The cities of Kamloops and Lethbridge-were also in the running. The commissioner of the Western League, Ron Robison made the announcement in a video in a press conference simultaneous to the Centre Videotron of Quebec. The leaders of the QMJHL took advantage of the presence of the Mooseheads in the nation’s Capital to unveil the logo of the edition 2019, as well as the new major partner, Kia…

• The Kelowna Rockets have introduced once the national tournament bringing together the champions of the three leagues, winning top honors in 2004 with a victory in overtime in the finals on the Olympic of Gatineau…

• Before the meeting, a moment of silence was observed in memory of the journalist Bertrand Tremblay, who died late last week at the venerable age of 89 years…

• There are no more training unbeaten in the League the Quebec major junior hockey. The Quebec Remparts have inflicted a first defeat on the Halifax Mooseheads, to the account of 6-2. The Mooseheads will be the visitors at the centre Georges-Vézina on Friday night. Conversely, the Drillers Val d’or still have not tasted the joys of victory, having been defeated on Wednesday night 5-2 by the Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda…

• Due to the absence of the assistant Sébastien Dion, the sick, the one that it replaces, Simon Gaudreault came to lend a hand behind the bench of the Sags. The latter is now in charge of the school program, Eagles of the Cité étudiante de Roberval. “It is a family, the Sags. Even if you leave, I think your heart is still there and we saw it tonight. Simon gave us a big helping hand and they were needed. He even sacrificed his evening because he had something else planned. It was called, and he said that there was no problem, that he was coming. It says large on the person and the sense of belonging to the team,” said Yanick Jean…

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