Lange Frans responds to storm of criticism | Stars

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Lange Frans responds to storm of criticism | Stars

On Twitter he says that he himself has not been vaccinated and not tested. He is responding to a tweet that has since been deleted. Lange Frans came under considerable fire this weekend for performing at an event that required a QR code or a negative test. That while the artist spoke out strongly on social media against the corona policy, vaccinations and QR codes.

However, he does not pay much attention to the criticism that is now being thrown at him. “I didn’t know I had to discuss this move with everyone,” he responds laconically to comments on Twitter.

Still, he does explain what it was about that performance in Edam: was that a booking that had been planned for some time, as he seemed to explain earlier, or was it a substitute performance? Lange Frans clarifies that the performance that had been ‘in the books’ for a long time was a performance in Zaandam. “Edam was a substitute for a colleague who dropped out. Zaandam I played outside on the terrace, so that the entire square and adjacent catering industry could see and hear it all.”

The singer was also accused many times that it was apparently only for the money. Commenting specifically on this, he responds: “I definitely need money to support my family. That’s right.”

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