Lamborghini gunned down at fake police checkpoint on Highway 6

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 Lamborghini shot at fake police checkpoint on Highway 6 < /p>

New information has been published in the Israeli media about the investigation of the incident with the shooting of a well-known gangster in the tunnel on Highway 6 on the evening of December 5.

The gang of liquidators had preliminary information, and she followed two passengers in a luxury car and a Lamborghini from the moment they left the north of the country, along Highway 6 – until the moment of the assassination.

Some of the gang members followed car and relayed information about her whereabouts to other participants, who set up a makeshift checkpoint in the middle of the main road in the center of the country in the Ben Shemen area. Drivers driving along the road were sure that this was a police post. When the Lamborghini car stopped at the checkpoint, several members of the gang drove up to the car, opened the doors and attacked its two passengers with blows and knives.

After that, for an unknown reason, they left the place, and after some time came back and shot two at close range. As a result of the attack and shooting, one of them was seriously injured and the other was moderately injured, and both were taken to the hospital.

A source close to the police said that two of the injured were residents of East Jerusalem are known to the police. According to him, most likely, it is a conflict between criminals.

Lamborghini is registered to another person, a resident of the center of the country, who has nothing to do with this conflict. One of the victims is the owner of a parking lot in East Jerusalem. The search is being conducted on the basis of information that the police have from surveillance cameras on highway No. 6 and from eyewitnesses.

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