Laima Vaikule gave up the Russian language

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 Laima Vaikule refused the Russian language

The media of the Russian Federation report that the "renounced Russia" singer Laima Vaikule refused to speak Russian when communicating on social networks. On the eve of the upcoming holidays, she addressed the subscribers of the national language.

On her personal blog, the star who supported Ukraine wished Happy New Year and Merry Christmas only to those who know Latvian. In her video message, she wished her fellow citizens well and happiness.

It is noteworthy that at one of her recent concerts, the artist admitted that it was morally difficult for her to continue using the Russian language because of the situation in the world. However, she admitted that supposedly it was her Ukrainian friends who supported her and asked her to continue her concert activity, because all Vaikule's hits were written by the great and powerful.

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