Lady Gaga fell during a performance

Леди Гага упала во время выступления

Hollywood star almost suffered serious injuries.

Sometimes even hundreds of times rehearsed, the room may not go according to plan. It happened to a popular singer Lady Gaga, which always pleases the fans a great show. This time the actress during her speech, fell from a two-meter design, reported the with reference for Today.

This unpleasant and traumatic moment caught on video that fans of Lady Gaga has published in Instagram. The footage shows how the flamboyant star during a performance of the song descended on the scene of a huge metal construction and was hooked. The singer immediately lost balance, crashing down.

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Fortunately, Lady Gaga picked up two dancers and gave a famous singer injured during concert. Most interesting is that the artist continued to sing and a bad moment does not affect her performance.

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Casi se nos cae Lady Gaga hoy!!! 😨 #gagavegas #ENIGMA

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