Kylie Jenner files restraining order after stalker sets off fireworks in her garden – Marseille News

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Kylie Jenner filed another injunction against a stalker this week. Yet the man is accused of more than trying to enter his house. The man is said to have jumped over the fence of his Los Angeles property and set off fireworks and caused more than $ 1,200 in damage to Jenner’s home. This is the latest incident of stalking for Jenner, who was targeted by a man who claimed he wanted to tell Jenner he loved her in June.

In the most recent case, the man reportedly arrived at Jenner’s home around 10 p.m. Wednesday, law enforcement sources told TMZ. The man asked his security guards to allow him to meet Jenner, but they refused. He left, but later returned and started setting off fireworks in front of his house. He then jumped over the fence, but his efforts to evade the police failed. They quickly arrived at the scene and grabbed the man before he could get through Jenner’s security gates.

The man reportedly continued to rummage in his pockets as if he had a gun, a source told TMZ. The suspect, who is 6’4 “and weighs 240 lbs, is said to have carried a suitcase with a hammer, rubber mallet, lighter and fireworks. Police said he damaged approximately $ 1,200 at Jenner’s security gate. He had been convicted of a crime. Vandalism and held on $ 20,000 bail. On Friday, TMZ reported that Jenner had filed a restraining order to prevent the man from returning to her home. She was not at home at the time of the alleged incident.

Jenner, 24, has faced several stalkers over the years. In June, a man reportedly refused to leave Jenner’s property in Los Angeles until he met her to tell her he loved her. Jenner’s security team refused to let him meet with her and detained him until police arrived. The 35-year-old was arrested and convicted of trespassing, TMZ reported at the time. In November 2019, another man was sentenced to one year in prison after clearly pleading the trespassing charges and ordered to stay 100 yards from Jenner’s home.

In April, Jenner’s older sister Kendall Jenner filed for a restraining order against Shaquan King, who allegedly swam naked in his pool on March 28 until his safety team removed him from the pool. The man spent a few hours in jail before being released and drove to Jenner’s home, where he was arrested again. In May, King struck a plea deal and was sentenced to 180 days in prison, reports TMZ.

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