Kylie Jenner: – Accelerates speculation

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Kylie Jenner: – Accelerates speculation

It’s been a month since a number of American media outlets wrote about the reality star Kylie Jenner (24) is expecting her second child with rapper Travis Scott (30). The on-off couple used to have a daughter Stormi (3).

The duo was silent about the rumors for a long time, but barely three weeks later The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star confirmed the pregnancy.

Now she shows her baby bump

she did a video on Instagramwhich has been viewed a modest 140 million times.

The gender of the upcoming baby is not yet known. Now, however, Kylie’s fans claim they have the answer.

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Does she reveal the gender?

In connection with the 24-year-old’s latest launch for her makeup brand KylieBaby, she shared a number of photos on social media.

In the pictures you can see Kylie and her three year old daughter Stormi in blue dresses. This is exactly what many take as an indication that they are expecting a baby boy.

“Somebody is going to have a little boy!” one follower writes on Instagram while another writes:

“That gives me the impression that she is expecting a boy.”

– Can Hailey be pregnant?

At the time of writing, the post has received 8.6 million likes and the comments on the baby’s gender have received several thousand “likes”.

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More information

Corresponding Page six There are several who believe this is the reality star’s other indication of the baby’s gender. At the end of August, she shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram.

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Kylie Jenner: – Accelerates speculation

Kylie Jenner: – Accelerates speculation

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She wrote about the photo: “Favorite girl”, followed by a blue heart. The blue heart made so many believe that in the near future a little boy would come into their lives.

“So it’s a boy, in other words,” wrote one follower. The comment received 12,000 likes.

“So you’re saying you’re going to have a boy,” wrote another.

Neither Kylie nor Travis have revealed what gender to expect, so fans need to be patient before figuring out if it’s a boy or a girl.

Kylie Jenner: – Accelerates speculation

– It could have been really ugly

Open about pregnancy

That the reality star decided to speak openly about the pregnancy came as a huge shock to many. When she was pregnant with Stormi was not revealed during pregnancy before the daughter was born.

“My beautiful and healthy girl was born on February 1st and I couldn’t wait to share this news,” she wrote on Instagram after staying indoors for a long time.

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The reality star also regretted leaving fans in the dark with all the speculation about pregnancy.

The relationship between the 24-year-old and the rapper began in 2017 but has changed of the turbulent kind for several years. Recently, however, they have been sharing more and more on social media, and loudly US weekly the relationship should be stronger now than ever.

– They’ve never been closer together. The baby really brought them closer together, says a website source.

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