Kyiv. Air defense systems on high alert

 Kyiv. Air defense systems on high alert

Ukrainian media, citing sources, write that missile and air strikes are expected on targets in Kyiv over the next 2 days. Air defense systems on high alert.

Photo of the consequences of hitting a residential building in Kyiv.

Advisor to the head of the President's Office Aleksey Arestovichabout the strike on Kyiv: &quot ;The escalation began according to the worst option, we have the UN Secretary General in Kyiv, and they launch 3 missiles into the center of Kyiv, two flew in, one was shot down.

22:41 Baranovichi. A fighter jet has taken off. Perhaps, training flights are continuing.

Elimination of the consequences of a rocket attack on the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv continues in Kyiv: 6 people were previously injured, the rubble is being cleared.

The representative of the State Emergency Service in Fastov, Ivan Shulga, told reporters that one person was injured as a result of a missile attack.

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