Kurz joins Thiel Capital

Kurz got a job at Thiel Capital

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced that he is moving to the United States, where he will work in the company of billionaire Peter Thiel, who is an associate of former President Donald Trump. He confirmed his plans in a conversation with the Austrian TV channel OE24, writes Reuters.

It is reported that Kurz will take up his new position in February. At Thiel Capital, he will act as a 'global strategist'.

CEO Peter Thiel & ndash; prominent entrepreneur, GOP supporter and longtime Trump associate. According to the TV channel, Kurz met Thiel in 2017 during the Munich Security Conference.

It is noted that Kurz's earnings in an American company will be almost twice as much as in the post of chancellor & ndash; according to some estimates, his annual income will be more than 500 thousand euros.

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