Ksenia Sobchak is enraged by constant holidays in Israel

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 Ksenia Sobchak is infuriated by constant holidays in Israel

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Russian journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak admitted that what irritates her most in Israel is constant holidays and extra days off. She spoke about this in a conversation with comedian Mikhail Shatz on YouTube.

Sobchak noted that she often comes to Israel for work. “I notice one thing that annoys me a little, let's say, but I fight it. No matter how you come here, there are holidays all the time. It seems that there are much fewer working days than rest, and everything is closed, — complained TV presenter. She made a reservation, however, that she was “struggling with it.”

Mikhail Shats agreed with the journalist's words and added that in Israel, the solution of some problem very often has to be postponed due to holidays. “This is unusual. But, on the other hand, you know, you are very imbued with this all, — he concluded.

Earlier, the Public News Service wrote that Sobchak once again showed her subscribers the interior of her luxury real estate. A photo of the mansion's swimming pool on the ruble is a novelty.

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