Ksenia Sobchak: husband is unbearable

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 Ksenia Sobchak: husband is unbearable

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TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has recently completed repairs in a country house. For almost six years she worked on the design. In order to achieve her goal, she had to quarrel with her husband more than once.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, together with a message about the completion of repairs in a country house, told the most common reason for quarrels with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov. In the process of arranging a new home, the couple repeatedly quarreled about the floor covering.

In her story about the interior of the house, Sobchak said that she loves carpets. For her, the carpet is associated with warmth and comfort. For Bogomolovzhe, the carpets on the floor are tasteless.

“My husband Bogomolov— it is unbearable! It's the only reason we and my husband fight all the time. He only likes bare floors, but I really like carpets, — Sobchak admitted on the YouTube channel “Caution: Sobchak”.

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