Krupnik's phenomenon

Krupnik's phenomenon

Avi Rosenfeld

Dr. Irena Krupnik changed the map of aesthetic medical services in Israel, and today about a hundred branches throughout the country provide aesthetic medical services under her auspices.

If that's not enough for you, here's the main news … Listen and remember! Dear women, dear men, you no longer need to go to Turkey for hair restoration or hair transplantation, we have it in Israel. Made under the blue and white flag. Rather, made by Krupnik.

So what's the story? About a year and a half ago, Dr. Irena Krupnik opened a hair transplant center for men and women, yes, it is true, Israelis, as already mentioned, no longer need to fly abroad to regain their hair and perform hair transplants. A relatively new center opened by Irena Krupnik provides all the services of highly qualified doctors.

And now let's look at this news from another angle. Dear doctors! Today you can study another highly demanded aspect in aesthetic medicine & ndash; hair transplant for women and men, at the Center run by Irena Krupnik.

Following these two news, I contacted the General Director of Doctor Krupnik Plus; – Alex Kerman, who explained the huge changes in the development of aesthetic medicine in the country.

I'll tell you a secret, many years ago I constantly participated in morning television shows, where I first met Dr. Irena Krupnik, who explained the aesthetic world and the various procedures that can be performed for rejuvenation and beauty.

Yes, this is how I remember Dr. Krupnik, the owner of a private clinic that served many women and men, only since then her clinic has opened more than a hundred departments.

Krupnik's phenomenon

What exactly happened so far I was 'asleep'? Well, now a hair transplant area is being added to the service. And the Center itself has become a well-known brand. After all, our country is tiny and such a number of branches on the initiative of one doctor, even on an international scale, is considered a phenomenon worthy of attention.

Alex Kerman joins Doctor Krupnik Plus in 2014 as CEO of the company, and from that point on, the company has taken an important turnaround and Alex has definitely steered the company where it is today. And, of course, you can put it another way, Alex just really realized the abilities and vision of Dr. Krupnik, because tango takes two, and these are definitely the very two dancers who perform the steps in perfect coordination and complete harmony.
< br />In our conversation, Kerman told me that Dr. Irena Krupnik has been practicing aesthetic medicine for many years, and in this area, according to him, she has received great recognition and her name is ahead of her.

Demand for treatment in her the clinic is only increasing, and it was here that he entered the activities of Dr. Krupnik, because the volume of activities was so great that Dr. Krupnik herself did not expect that the volume of work would increase so much.

Kerman: “ About eight years ago, we opened a center for the study of aesthetic medicine for doctors, and since then Dr. Krupnik and her teachers have been training other hair transplant doctors. ''
Dr. today, about a hundred branches throughout the country provide aesthetic medical services under its auspices.

About a year and a half ago, we opened a separate area – research and training in hair transplantation. Those who teach hair transplant are physicians with at least five to six years of experience in the transplant field. “ Before we entered the world of transplantation, there were only three doctors in Israel who performed hair transplants, and every patient who wanted to have a hair transplant had to choose one of them or be on flights to Turkey, Greece, Georgia and other countries. countries where hair transplant is performed. ''

Kerman notes: “ We revolutionized the aesthetic medicine in the past by training physicians and have made great strides in doing so, and even hired additional staff (we currently have about forty injection physicians). Now we are planning to make the same revolution in the field of hair transplant.

The balance is already changing, if about a year and a half ago there were only about three doctors in the field of hair transplantation, today, as already mentioned, There are already 53 doctors working in Israel, that is, fifty of them studied and practiced at the Center “ Dr. Krupnik Plus ''

At the same time that we train doctors to perform hair transplants, we also opened a network of hair transplant clinics called Dr. adding: “ This means you no longer need to fly to Turkey to change trains, because we change trains in Israel. ''

– Where do you transfer?

– Today we are doing transplants at the Assuta complex in Rishon LeZion and at the Ichilov complex in Tel Aviv.

– What methods do you use for the transplant?

The hair transplant we perform is performed according to DHI and FUI methods.

– How did you come to these methods?

These are the methods that have proven to be the most successful and are one hundred percent.

– However, what about patient safety?

– We give a 100% guarantee on the transplanted hair, which means that the hair we transplanted does not fall out.

– In fact, you serve two target audiences: one is the public that is interested in hair transplant, and the other is a public of doctors who want additional certification because you educate and prepare them for this, am I right?

Right. It is definitely important for us to reach both audiences, on the one hand, for potential hair transplant patients, and on the other hand, for the medical community that wants to study and specialize in both hair transplantation and aesthetic medicine, because in fact we are teach both areas.

– So what's your big news?

“The good news we have brought is that we have made the problem of hair transplantation more accessible to Israelis. The need to consult or get an answer to this or that problem that may arise, the same client really has no one to turn to, and even if there is, because this is a complicated procedure, because the clinic is located abroad. On the other hand, we, “ mom and dad, '' and the patient has someone to contact, not just WhatsApp.

Is treatment in Turkey cheaper than in Israel?

– Transplantation in Turkey today costs from 10,000 to 12,000 shekels, and we offer transplants from 12,000 to 20,000 shekels, which means that the price range is very similar.

– But the prices are in Turkey includes flights and hotel stays, right?

– Right. But you don't have to fly to get a hair transplant in Israel. In Israel, anyone looking to get a transplant simply needs to consult a doctor and then they will schedule a day for the transplant. He is coming back. home, and the next day he can go back to work and return to his normal life without flights and without difficulties.

Also, for anyone who flies to a hair transplant in Turkey, the problem of flying and hotel accommodation, including travel, is less relevant, because, first of all, the essence of the trip is medical procedures, and the last thing the patient is interested in is whether the hotel has a pool or jacuzzi. So the flight and the hotel are less relevant.

What is important is pure medical treatment, as well as getting one hundred percent confidence in the treatment, and the person who treats the patient in Israel is an Israeli doctor, and all medical personnel are trained in Israel, not technology as abroad. It is known that most of these operations in Turkey are performed not by doctors, but by a team of technicians.

According to Israeli rules, hair transplants can only be performed by doctors, and for this reason, we are proud to provide potential audiences with important news that, above all, provides peace of mind and trust for the client.

It should also be borne in mind that the final results of the treatment are achieved about a year after the operation and, since we provide an additional guarantee to patients, after a year, if necessary, one or another hair supplement will have to be made, clients can come and receive it at no additional cost. while in Turkey for this they will have to fly again, and this entails additional financial costs (again, a hotel, for example), so in the end it is the treatment in Israel, with us, that turns out to be more beneficial in all respects. < br />

Krupnik's phenomenon

– If you were given a podium, what announcement would you like to make?

Friends! Hair transplant here, hair transplant only in Israel, high quality. There is no need to fly anymore, there is simply no need for it, that is, if you want to fly somewhere, then it is better to fly only for rest, and not for surgery.

It is known in the world that Israeli medicine is considered the most advanced, and, as in most cases from all over the world, people come to us in Israel to consult with Israeli doctors, so this is exactly what is happening today in the field of hair transplantation. – we are here.

– Describe the tremendous development in the field of medical aesthetics?

– When I joined the company in 2014 together with Dr. Krupnik, we opened a center for the study of aesthetic medicine for doctors at the Ichilov hospital. At the center, Dr. Krupnik and senior teachers (doctors) from the field of aesthetic medicine train other doctors. To date, we have trained about 1200 doctors, most of whom work in the field of aesthetic medicine, and offer aesthetic treatments for everyone.

Usually, demand generates supply, but here we have done it upside down, we first increased the supply, which means that today there are many more doctors providing aesthetic medicine services, and thus Dr. Krupnik has generated increased client interest in this medicine. That is, if earlier there was a demand for treatment and there were few doctors who provide this service, we were able to turn this balance in the opposite direction.

There are already many doctors providing this service today, so it has made these treatments more affordable and this change is definitely driving down the cost. By the way, we have also significantly increased the awareness of aesthetic medicine in the country. The same revolution that we made in the field of injections, we are making today in the field of transplantation.

After we started training doctors in the field of aesthetic medicine, we also started hiring doctors and opened a network of clinics called “ Dr. Krupnik, aesthetic medicine '', which today has about 100 branches throughout the country from Metula to Eilat.

Summing up this article, I can only say one word – “ wow. ''

I watch this activity of Dr. Irena Krupnik and her CEO Mr. Alex Kerman, looking great and filled with pride in Israel. And this picture is beautiful!

Do not hesitate to contact the Research Center or Dr. Krupnik Hair Transplant Clinic by phone: 6737 * or by email.

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