Kroll struck a confident statement before the fight with Lomachenko: “none of us are Invincible”

Кролла поразил уверенным заявлением перед боем с Ломаченко: «Непобедимых нет»

To defeat Ukrainian world champion Vasyl Lomachenko may British former world champion Anthony crolla

This was stated by the boxer, referring to the fact that Lomachenko was already lost, and he is in great shape.

The fight for possession of the WBA title between these two boxers will be held on April 13 in Los Angeles.

Кролла поразил уверенным заявлением перед боем с Ломаченко: «Непобедимых нет»

Kroll believes that he got the chance to regain his title, which he lost after the defeat of Jorge Linares in 2016-m to year.

He trained hard and believes that can win.

“I believe that I will be able again to win the world title, and that’s what I’m fighting.

It’s the biggest fight that can be arranged for me. I deserved it, I got the chance not just. Since then, I lost his title in a fight with Jorge Linares, I went back and got three solid victories.

I didn’t win the lottery, having a fight with Vasyl Lomachenko, so looking forward to meeting with impatience. Moreover, with age I began to love exercise”.

The Briton believes that the defeat Lomachenko in his second fight on a professional ring indicates that undefeated boxers do not exist. Floyd Mayweather chuckled on the sidelines.

“No one is invincible. It has proven itself Lomachenko. He suffered the first defeat of his career early enough”, — quotes the words of Kroll SkySports.

Кролла поразил уверенным заявлением перед боем с Ломаченко: «Непобедимых нет»

Earlier we wrote that the Ukrainian world champion in easy weight under version WBO and WBA Vasyl Lomachenko in danger of losing the mandatory Challenger for his WBA title to British boxer Anthony Kroll.

This was stated by British trainer Joe Gallagher, who considers his pupil favorite for this match. The status of underdog Kroll does not bother his coach, he is still confident that his pupil has a chance to win.

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“Yes, I know that Anthony is not the favorite in this match and we all had to write off. But do not forget that Lomachenko was already lost. No one doubts that he is a fantastic fighter.

Still not the best in the world, because there is Saul Alvarez, but in the top 5 P4P ranking he’s definitely included. He was defeated early in his career, and Anthony will be able to repeat it, because he also has two arms and two legs”, — quotes the words of coach Boxing Social.

We will remind, earlier it became known, earned Lomachenko fight with Pedrosoi.

As reported Politeka, it became known who will fight Lomachenko after the fight with Pedrosoi.

Also Politeka told me that about Lomachenko has released a new documentary.

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