Krobot tests The End of Solitude Berhof

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Krobot tests The End of Solitude Berhof

The main male role will be played by Miroslav Etzler in alternation with the Zlín actor Zdeněk Julina. Lubomír Smékal, an Olomouc psychologist, has traditionally collaborated with director Krobot on the script of a story set near today’s Branná. The theater plans to premiere on November 26.

The work of Vladimír Körner, a native of Prostějov, will hit the stage of the Moravian Theater for the first time. In addition, it will be only the second theatrical adaptation of the short story; they first adopted this material in 2009 at the Šumperk Theater. “The premiere was supposed to be a year ago, it was supposed to be a performance for the centenary of the theater, but it was postponed due to the covid. I think that Vladimír Körner and the material belong to this region, and therefore also to this theater. In addition, I like his short stories, we know each other personally, I would like to make him happy, “said Miroslav Krobot.

The story tells of young Ulrica, who, together with her drunken father, his German mistress and nun Salome, becomes a prisoner of werwolfs, Nazi fanatics who refuse to accept the end of World War II. The despair and hopelessness of the whole situation is underlined by the fact that they are all completely cut off from the surrounding civilization and reality, living in the solitude of Berhof. The director himself admits that it is a dark story. “We have the only option, and that is to make it really good. When it’s a dark work and still bad, it’ll be a mess. But I believe that we will be able to do it in an interesting way. I even think that it doesn’t have to be so completely without humor, “added Krobot.

Miroslav Etzler will play Habiger in the main male role, and he met Miroslav Krobot 25 years ago on the stage of the National Theater. He had previously been a guest at the Moravian Theater when he was an elite of the Šumperk Theater. “The End of Solitude Berhof is Körner’s wonderful novel. The topic seems so dark and difficult and complicated to me today that I am curious how Mirek Krobot will grasp it, so that it will be spectator and so that the audience will not commit suicide. After all, it’s really the end of the war and not quite nice, “said Etzler.

Former director of the Moravian Theater Pavel Hekela, who is returning to the stage as an actor after 24 years, will also perform in one of the roles. “I’m going back to my beloved theater. The end of Berhof’s loneliness is a great title, I approach it with great humility, only out of respect for Mr. Körner, “said Hekela. Ulrika will be played by Kristína Jurková in alternation with Daniela Klevetová, Marek Pešl, Jan Ťoupalík, the head of the ensemble Roman Vencl and Jana Posníková will also perform.

The premiere of Berhof’s End of Solitude is scheduled for November 26, two weeks after the director celebrates his 70th birthday. “I can easily get a dark gift, I don’t mind,” Krobot added with a smile.

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