Kristina Orbakaite drew a line

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 Kristina Orbakaite drew the line

< p>Alla Pugacheva's daughter Kristina Orbakaite turned to fans from the USA, where she left some time ago.

Kristina Orbakaite left Russia and now lives with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and daughter Claudia in the USA. In Russia, Alla Pugacheva's heiress works and spends her free time overseas with her family.

Christina made a confession. She spoke about her work in the TV series Pregnancy Test, where she played one of the main roles.

– the third for the audience, the first for me. I am grateful to you, the devoted audience of our beautiful series, for trying to understand my ambiguous heroine and accepting me in her role. It's really important to me,” the artist wrote.

She also said that the fourth season of “Pregnancy Test” I'm ready now. “My heroine Nina Artamonova will appear in it in new circumstances for her,” Orbakaite said.

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