Kristen Stewart completely shut down while filming Diana film

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Kristen Stewart completely shut down while filming Diana film

The American actress says that during that period she suffered from TMD, a temporary condition in which the movement of the jaw is limited and can be caused by stress. “I was like, huh, I think I’m really, really nervous. I really struggled with the start of filming.” Thanks to director Pablo Larrain, it still worked out. She told Kristen to “relax and have faith in the process” and in her preparation.

Before the film, Kristen knew little about the British princess who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. “I didn’t have the best knowledge about this royal family,” she says. “I didn’t grow up with these kinds of stories.” To prepare well, she watched interviews, read books and watched The Crown on Netflix. “I tried to take her in as purely and generally as possible and then trust that Diana would come to me naturally.”

Spencer, which can be seen in Dutch cinemas from November, is about the three days around Christmas that Princess Diana spends with the British royal family in 1991. It’s the last Christmas before her divorce from Prince Charles.

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