Kremlin propagandist scored a ridiculous joke about Ukraine

Пропагандист Кремля отличился нелепым анекдотом об Украине

Putin continues to humiliate Ukraine live.

This time he embarrasses one of the main propagandists of the Kremlin Vladimir Solovyov, who decided to “entertain” a caustic joke about Ukraine, reports the with reference to Politico.

Ridiculous statement by Vladimir Solovyov made on the propaganda channel “Russia 1”

In particular, the court jester and one of the chief propagandists of the Kremlin have compared Ukraine with the hotel, which is located in Moscow.

“On this subject there is a very popular joke in Russia now: you know, still enough to tell now this nonsense about Ukraine! It is not necessary to say that Ukraine is the worst place in Europe. Needless to say, that in Ukraine everything is bad. This is not true,” said the adept of the Kremlin.

“I personally was in Ukraine. Wonderful people, wonderful food. This is really one of the best hotels in Moscow”, — sarcastically summed up Vladimir Solovyov, waiting for the laughter among the guests of the propaganda talk show.

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