Kravets openly talked about the relationship with Zelensky: “such is the nature”

Кравец откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Зеленским: «такова природа»

Elena Kravets told about its mission, character traits and relationships with Vladimir Zelensky

Elena Kravets told the domestic media that after he visited a concert in the area ATO – finally realized – she was in the right place, and humor brings people relief in difficult situations.

Elena Kravets told about the work with Vladimir Zelensky and disproved the myth that he’s a tough character:

“First, I think he never changed himself and his principles and what he believes. And if he already believes in something, probably, there are ways to overcome obstacles, walk through thorns,” said Kravets.

Кравец откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Зеленским: «такова природа»

Zelensky can punch colleagues, and support in the moment of creative crisis:

“This man’s heart, a flaming engine, as they say. And I think that big… well, maybe not a phenomenon, and his endless talent that he managed to stay creative, to be artistic, to be the author, to write something on paper, to create, to be alone and to manage a large business. Well, today, I’m not afraid of the word, Empire.”

She added:

“The fact is, in some way, I don’t understand how it would make him, at the right time it balances, the most creative, business here. And he knows how to keep everything in the balance. Because if we went only in the business, then went to work, quite well. If we were simply to do and would be unrecognized geniuses, there would be no business,” said Yelena Kravets.

Кравец откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Зеленским: «такова природа»

Summed up:

“His talent, I think this purchased already, because clearly no one taught this, it is a property of nature, it is such a nature, that he can do all this unconsciously to do.”

Кравец откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Зеленским: «такова природа»

Zelensky and Koshevoi pulled from under the needle: “a Maximum of two years of life”
Show business

Earlier also it was reported that the new Christmas number of the Studio “Kvartal 95” literally blew up the network.

Comic and life situation is the plot of the 95 rooms of the quarter – Ukrainians forced “half jokingly, half seriously,” but think about marriages, wedding which took place in the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Кравец откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Зеленским: «такова природа»

The main performers – Vladimir Zelensky and Elena Kravets, the plot represented 95 quarter – a couple breaks up because of the decision of men. Your care hero productions humorous numbers 95 quarter argues that no longer wishes to stay with his wife because once their wedding at Church of the Moscow Patriarchate:

“Now it turns out that all marriages performed earlier in the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate will be void!

— What does the Church? We God married!

— Stop it! The hand of Moscow married us!”.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian rock musician, the leader of the group “druga Rika” Valery harchishin expressed his opinion regarding the presidency of the Director and actor 95 quarter Vladimir Zelensky.

So, the musician drew a parallel between the comedian and the character he plays in the acclaimed series “servant of the people”, noting that it was two different people:

“If we voted for Goloborodko, a character in the TV series “servant of the people”, and if he was in real life Goloborodko, and if he did the same things and the same things as in the movie — because today we do not know how to live Zelensky, although he and public. Its publicity is limited in scope. He political life leads…” — said of the show.

And added:

“So when Goloborodko in real life, you would have to vote and he would have found his own electorate, which is now just confused — for whom he votes: over Goloborodko or Zelensky.

I like Zelensky, he’s a good man, a good actor, we never pots were not beaten, we are friends, but appreciate Zelensky in the elections I can’t. Goloborodko — Yes. He can score and higher ratings than Julia”.

We will remind that Elena Kravets in a translucent blouse made a splash

As reported Politeka, Zelensky appealed to Ukrainians before the New year

Also Рoliteka reported that the Ukrainian actor and showman Vladimir Zelensky has declared that goes to the President

Thank You De — “Evening Quarter

Today is world day “THANK you.” And we want to say thank you, friends, for the reason that you are with us. For your laughter, tears and support.Live and work for you!♥it’s amazing

Gepostet von Studio “Kvartal 95” am Freitag, 11. Januar 2019


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