Kravets of 95 Quarter appeared completely Nude: rare photos

Кравец из Квартала 95 снялась полностью голой: редкие фото

The star of “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz shocked fans unexpected act: the actress dared to strip completely for charity

Many Ukrainians with interest the activities of the main women “Quarter 95” and it is often surprising their loyal fans, inspiring things. So, a couple of years ago Elena Kravetz decided to take part in a very bold action.

The artist has published in his Instagram a photo in which she poses completely Nude. While it covers a suitcase.

Кравец из Квартала 95 снялась полностью голой: редкие фото

As it turned out, the artist decided to take this step in the framework of the charity project “the Suitcase.” Along with it, the action was attended by her friend Marina lyre.

In the framework of the charity project Elena Kravetz decided to sell the outfits of the Ukrainian celebrities, and the money spent on the development of graduates of boarding schools and orphanages.

Кравец из Квартала 95 снялась полностью голой: редкие фото

“We will help graduates of orphanages to go to an independent life without fear, overcoming emotional and psychological barrier. To do this, they will teach the evidence-based transcendental meditation technique, which helps to reveal the potential of the individual, improves learning abilities and protects against stress. We want to give these young people a kind of key to yourself, which will help them to open the door into adulthood with peace in his heart,” said the artist.

Кравец из Квартала 95 снялась полностью голой: редкие фото

Previously Elena Kravetz said, as the beginning of her relationship with her husband.

The husband of the famous actress “Quarter 95” and the founder of the “Women’s quarter” Elena Kravets loves to appear at social events, so little journalists know about it. But after Elena recently gave birth to twins, everyone has been more interested in the identity of the husband of the star — Sergei.

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Sergey and Elena have been together for over 15 years, but their relationship was never made public.
The meeting occurred in his student years at the rehearsals of KVN. Then friendship grew into something more.

Together Elena and Sergey moved from Krivoy Rog to Kiev, and here they are wonderful.

Recall, Kravets admitted that looking forward to since childhood.

As reported Politeka, the daughter of Elena Kravets surprised looks on new photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Kravets fans seemed without makeup.

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