“Krasny Oboz”: a woman raised money “for SVO”, closed the mortgage and bought a car

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 "Red Convoy": a woman raised money "for the CVO", closed mortgage and bought a car

“People's Initiative” to collect assistance, including money, for the citizens of Tuva participating in the NWO, is called “Red Oboz”.
One of the activists of the “Red Oboz” turned out to be dishonest.

With the 9 million rubles collected by the residents of Tuva, the activist completely closed a mortgage loan in the bank for 4 million, and bought a car with the rest. But that's not all, as indignant people say. It became known that the activist, having arrived in Ukraine, offered, according to rumors, the participants of the SVO for 100,000 rubles to help draw up documents in order to leave the war zone.

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